Dish Hopper vs DirecTV Genie

When choosing a satellite provider, it’s always best to do some research first. Both Dish Network and DirecTV normally have exceptional prices on programming and equipment for new customers but now they are in competition over the most advanced receiver, Dish’s Hopper or DirecTV’s Genie.


The Hopper and the Genie have several similarities between them. Both are able to watch from the same play list in any room if you have the correct equipment; Dish customer’s must have a Joey connected to the Hopper and DirecTV customer’s need additional HD receivers, HD DVR’s or Genie Minis.

Both receivers are also able to watch and transfer recordings to mobile devices. An internet connection is required for both, along with two other devices: Dish’s Sling and DirecTV’s Nomad.


While both receivers are able to store more than enough recordings for the average user to enjoy, the Hopper is able to store twice casino online as much as the Genie. The Hopper can record up to 2,000 hours while the Genie can only hold up to 1,000 hours.

The Genie is not the only new equipment that DirecTV is offering. While the Genie works well with DirecTV’s other HD and HD DVR receivers, customers might want to take advantage of the new Genie Minis. These receivers are smaller, more discrete, and have the same capabilities as the HD DVRs.

The Hopper has a unique feature that every television company should include: the Remote Control Locator. There is a specific button on the Hopper that causes the remote to make a noise so the user can easily locate it.

The Genie also has one more great feature that the Hopper does not: Genie Recommends. Depending on your recording selections, the Genie will recommend similar shows that you might enjoy. It will show the customer the selections and offer to record an episode or even the entire series, if it’s available.

The best feature of the Hopper is being able to skip the commercials on specific recording. The Hopper will ask the customer during playback if they would like to Hop through the commercials or if they would prefer the commercials to play. This feature is not yet available on every playback.

While the Hopper and the Genie both have great features to offer, there are some big differences that could make a customer decide one over the other. Customers should ask themselves which features are more important to them and which company, DirecTV or Dish, can offer them those features.

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