Will Cable TV be Replaced by Internet?

Internet Everywhere 2The question is not IF internet will replace Cable TV, but instead, “How long will it take for this to happen?” As a nation, (and even as a world), we have adopted the internet as our sole replacement for just about anything and everything. Even our phones are now adopting the internet as a must-have, and those who are not using it are more or less left in the dust. Along with this welcome change in our professional lives has come another in our social ones as well. So far, the world wide web has offered us solutions to a cheaper phone service with the flick of a wrist. It has offered us the ability to check anything and everything we could possibly need or want within a matter of minutes. For a long time, people have wondered if we were going to see technology take over and the internet push through, and in what aspects of life. It is now becoming apparent that in just a matter of time, everything will be replaced, (and more than likely for the better).

Cable TV has provided people with a way to watch their favorite shows in perfect clarity for a reasonable price for years. The thing about it is that when compared to paying for an internet subscription monthly through almost ANY provider, the price difference is not even close. The only difference between your subscription to a Cable TV service and an internet service is that the internet service is not quite capable of performing everything that its competitor can. This is something that is currently in development, and in a matter of time, the web will come out on top permanently. This has already been proven in a online casino canada lot of different aspects of life, and there”s a few reasons why that”s the case.

First off, a majority of subscribers to anything are going to be looking for the most cost-efficient and useful source to get whatever they need done. No one is really attached to the idea of any one specific way of getting what they need, they are simply looking for TWO things: Simplicity and functionality. The internet has been one of the main sources for people to get both of those options undoubtedly for years, so it”s no surprise that they will be swooping in and pushing cable providers out of the way slowly.

A lot of different authors and magazines have even speculated on this in the past. There”s also a reason that along with cable providers teaming up with internet providers, (so that they can provide a mix that will satisfy the client and save them from losing business rapidly), other companies are actually beginning to provide both services themselves. Xfinity is one of the first brands of internet that has also allowed people to watch television through their computers, which is a perfect mix for those who are becoming more and more loyal and “used” to the ways of the e-monopoly. Providers of Cable TV are offering people an easy and satisfying way to either mix their use of cable and internet together, or an easy way to switch over quickly and problem-free. In a matter of years, the ratio of cable to internet users for their source of televised entertainment will have shifted to favor those of the e-cult. The only question now is, how soon will this occur?

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